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Saniflo Sanigrind

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The Sanigrind allows you to install a bathroom up to 18 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from the soil stack. Unlike any other pump in the Saniflo line the sanigrind was designed to work in conjunction with a typical bottom outlet toilet. It also differs from most other Saniflo products in that it incorporates an actual grinder system as opposed to the macerator the other products use. The Sanigrind can be connected to and discharge gray waste water from a toilet, shower, sink, bathtub and washing machine. It was specifically created to deal with situations where you have no control over what goes down the toilet such as in a rental unit or office.

Benefits and features:
  • Grinder unit only (works with any regular bottom outlet toilet)
  • Based on the best selling Sanibest system
  • The Sanigrind unit discharges the effluent through a 3/4-inch diameter pipe into a sanitary gravity drain.
  • The typical operating cycle for Sanigrind is approximately 10-20 seconds, resulting in the minimum power consumption.
  • Waste water from other fixtures is released into Sanigrind via two 1½-inch inlets, on either side of the housing. Either one or both inlets can be used as required.
  • The discharge elbow on top of the Sanigrind can be turned either to the left or to the right, depending on the discharge installation.
  • Made for human waste and toilet tissue. It can however grind up other substances that may have unintentionally been flushed down the toilet (I.e. strands of wool, sanitary napkins, condoms, but not dental floss, cat litter or disposable diapers)

Other fixtures:
In addition to the toilet waste, Sanigrind will also discharge gray waste water from a variety of other sanitary fixtures:
  • Sink (Note: not kitchen)
  • Bath
  • Bidet
  • Urinal
  • Clothes washer (Note: washing machine must drain to a laundry sink or tub first).

The Sanigrind is intended to provide vertical pumping up to 18 feet as well as a horizontal discharge; for that reason a simple ball non-return valve is integrated. This allows you to install a complete bathroom where previously this would have been unfeasible or where significant capital equipment and structural work would have been required.

Motor RPM 3600
Horsepower 1
Electrical Supply 110-115V; 60Hz;
Flow rate at max head USG /MIN 18 ft: 13 usg/mi;3 ft: 24 usg
Amperage 9.0
Discharge Pipe Diameter 3/4" diameter
Vertical Discharge 18 ft
Horizontal Discharge 150 ft
Gravity fall on horizontal installations 1/4" per ft
Normal Running Time WC 10-20 seconds
Maximum Temperature 104°F
Water Consumption 1.6 US gal -Depends on Wc
Dimensions (measured from floor level) H12" x W18" x D9"
Materials Polypropylene, C.R.P., stainless steel, Neoprene

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