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Saniflo Sanicubic 1 Above the Floor Simplex Grinder Pump - 089

Saniflo Sanicubic 1 Above the Floor Simplex Grinder Pump - 089
$ 2,023.30 $ 2,380.00

SaniCubic 1

The SaniCubic1 is an omnipotent above ground Saniflo system for large residential and commercial settings. The grinder/pump unit can be connected via an above ground plumbing system to one or multiple of the following: toilet, bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, and laundry sink. (Consult a plumber to confirm the total number of fixtures it can accommodate in your situation)

You can build a bathroom, kitchen and/or laundry room even in a basement and/or on any floor far away from existing sewer line. There is no need to break open floors or do any other major, costly construction or to install a sump/ejector pump. You can connect any brand or model fixture you want to the system. The advanced grinder can handle even the accidental disposal of things like Q-tips and feminine hygiene products.

The SaniCubic1 unit liquefies and pumps the discharge from the fixtures through a 1.5 inch pipe system, even a whopping distance to the sewer line up to 36 feet up, and up to 328 feet away.


  • 1 HP stainless steel grinder pump
  • Handles up to 50 gallons a minute
  • Alarm system for additional security


For optimal maintenance, purchase the optional descaler, and use it to clean your unit once every one to six months as recommended, depending on how hard your water is. Saniflo units have a 2 year warranty.

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