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All About Saniflo

Why would I purchase a Saniflo product?

If you would like to place a toilet, bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, kitchen sink and/or washing machine in a basement or above ground floor, away from the existing sewer line piping. You deserve to not be limited forever to the way your sewer line was originally laid out.  

How does Saniflo work?

Saniflo products are made of a powerful system that turns waste into liquid and pumps that up to hundreds of feet away, and up to several dozen feet upwards, to your existing sewer line - through an ordinary ¾ inch to 1 inch diameter pipe.

Connecting a Saniflo equipped fixture to your sewer line requires modest above ground plumbing and construction work. This is a whole lot simpler and cheaper than breaking up floors and the other major construction work necessary to expand your sewer line to a new area of the building. Saniflo products are particularly popular in basements that do not have a sump or sewer ejector pump system, which are complex and costly to install.

Which Saniflo product is for me?

Visit the “Compare Products” section of our website to see which Saniflo product works for the fixture(s) you are looking to connect to it. Individual Saniflo models also differ in various specs, such as how far out, and up, they can pump waste to reach your sewer line.

Note that Saniflo units have two areas each to which you can connect a fixture. If you would like to connect more than two fixtures (e.g. toilet, sink and shower) to one unit, speak to a qualified plumber in advance to verify whether/how they can all be connected to the same system in your particular situation.

Virtually all Saniflo products work for a toilet. Which one should I get?

A key factor is whether you want a macerator or grinder. A grinder is a stronger system to liquefy waste, and it will not clog if something like a Q-tip or feminine hygiene product was accidentally flushed down. The SaniBestPro, SaniGrindPro, SaniCubic1 and SaniCubic2 use an advanced grinder system, which is particularly recommended in rental units, and commercial/institutional settings.

Another major factor is whether you would like to use a non-Saniflo toilet of your choice. If that’s your preference, purchase a SaniGrindPro, SaniPack (for wall hung toilets), SaniCubic1 or SaniCubic2. The other models are designed to work with the appropriate Saniflo model toilet only.

How often is the Saniflo pump activated?

There is a floating mechanism in the tank that activates the pump when water reaches a certain level, which typically occurs every time it’s used. The SaniPlus, SaniBest, SaniGrind, SaniPack and SaniVite models offer an optional “SaniAlarm” that notifies you if the water level is too high, due to blockage or malfunction.

Is the Saniflo unit visible in my bathroom?

With standard installation, Saniflo units for toilets are placed a few inches behind the toilet bowl. If you wish for the unit to be invisible, there are two simple options:

  1. Purchase one of Saniflo’s toilets with built-in macerators: SaniCompact or SaniStar (wall hung).
  2. Purchase the Saniflo 18” extension pipe. This pipe allows you to push the unit further away from the toilet, behind the wall. Just keep in mind that you would like to install an access panel so that you can reach and service the unit if necessary.

Why do I need a unique Saniflo unit for my kitchen sink?

Only a limited number of Saniflo models work for kitchen sinks. (See “Compare Products.”) Kitchen sinks tend to handle lots of greasy waste, which requires a specially designed system. Other units cannot handle that well, even if they can handle toilet waste.  

Where would I need to place a shower or bathtub so that it could work with a Saniflo unit?

If you have the appropriate Saniflo unit, it can work well with any bathtub or shower of your choice. However, the tub or shower must be installed in a way that the water flows downwards towards the Saniflo unit while draining. Typically, that means that the drain, i.e. the tub or shower floor, needs to be raised 6” to 8” above the bathroom floor. The exact amount necessary depends on the distance between the Saniflo unit and the tub or shower. Consult a plumber. 

How can I ensure that my Saniflo system will last?

Saniflo has earned its prominent niche in the industry by providing a quality product that lasts for many years, no less than any conventional plumbing/pump system does.

All you need to do is make sure that you are using your Saniflo unit for the uses it is designed for, and that you are performing the simple descaling maintenance. Purchase Saniflo Descaling Cleanser, and clean your unit once every one to six months as recommended, depending on how hard your water is.

Do Saniflo units come with a warranty?

Saniflo Macerator/Grinder units have a 2 year warranty. Saniflo toilets and their tanks have a 1 year warranty.

Do Saniflo products need to be installed with a venting system?

Yes. Plumbing codes require that macerators, grinders and water pump systems be installed with a two way venting system.