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Saniflo Rear Spigot Toilet with Macerating Pump - SANIACCESS2

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Saniflo Rear Spigot Toilet with Macerating Pump - SANIACCESS2

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SaniAcccess 2 Toilet with Macerator Series Pump

All you need for a reliable half bathroom in a basement or anywhere else, up to 15 feet below your sewer line, and/or up to 150 feet away from the line on any floor. There is no need to break open floors or do any other major, costly construction  or to install a sump/ejector pump.

The SaniAccess2 includes an attractive practical toilet and an advanced macerating unit. The toilet gets connected to the macerator, to which you can also connect a bathroom sink. The discharge from these fixtures gets liquefied by the macerator, and is then pumped towards the sewer line through a conventional ̴_ inch above ground pipe system.

Special Features:

A particularly unique feature of the SaniAccess2 is its two built in access panels, which enable you to easily service the macerator without disconnecting it from anything. One panel gives you access to the electrical components and water level sensor that triggers the pump. The other panel gives you access to the area around the macerating blades, so that you can clear it in the event it gets clogged.

If you would like to place the macerator behind the wall, just purchase the optional 18 inch extension pipe and place between toilet and macerator.


For optimal maintenance, purchase the optional descaler, and use it to clean your unit once every one to six months as recommended, depending on how hard your water is. Saniflo macerator units have a 2 year warranty. Saniflo toilets and their tanks have a 1 year warranty.

Toilet Features:

  • Vitreous china tank and bowl with round front
    • 16-3/4 inches (seating height)
    • 26-1/2 inches (overall depth)
  • Vitreous china tank and elongated bowl
    • 16-3/4 inches (seating height) ADA Compliant
    • 28-1/2 inches (overall depth)
  • Toilet Features:
    • Insulated tank
    • Lever handle plastic, white
    • Toilet tank/bowl screws comes with washers and wing nuts
    • 1 year Warranty on china
    • Optional Extension pipe available for remote mounting of pump
    • Free Toilet Seat included with purchase
̴Ì_Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) ̴Ì_10 1/2 x 16 1/2 x 6 3/4
̴Ì_Discharge Pipe Diameter (in) ̴Ì_3/4
̴Ì_Discharge Rate at Max. Height (gpm) ̴Ì_27
̴Ì_Electrical Supply (V) ̴Ì_115 V / 60Hz
̴Ì_Horizontal Discharge (ft) ̴Ì_150
̴Ì_Maximum Temperature (̴åÁF) ̴Ì_104
̴Ì_Motor Speed (RPM) ̴Ì_3600 rpm tested over 50,000 cycles
̴Ì_Vertical Discharge (ft) ̴Ì_15
̴Ì_Water Consumption (gallons) ̴Ì_1.28 US


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