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Saniflo Sanialarm - 050

Saniflo Sanialarm - 050
$ 68.29 $ 80.00


If there is anything wrong with your Saniflo macerator or grinder unit, you want to know about it as soon possible. You can then fix it promptly, and avoid unnecessary damage to the unit or its surroundings.

The SaniAlarm is a small, affordable alarm that gets attached to the top of the macerator/grinder. It starts ringing when the liquid level in the unit gets too high, which could indicate a malfunction, blockage, limescale buildup or other issue. When functioning properly, the pump is triggered before the liquid can reach that high level.

SaniAlarm is compatible with SaniPlus, SaniBest, SaniGrind Pro, SaniPack and SaniVite units.


  • Power Supply 1 x 9v battery
  • Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level) 82mm (H) 62mm (W) 33 mm (D)
  • Technote Buzzer: 80 dB
Mounting Hole: 10mm diameter

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